Lithium: Why You’re Crazy Not to Take It

Typically, when someone hears the word “lithium” the image that comes to mind is of either lithium-ion batteries, or severely mentally ill patients on lithium therapy locked up in a psych ward – and not exactly a substance that you would want to intentionally try to get into your body. The positive effects of lithium for those with severe bipolar disorder have long been known in the medical community, but recently, several studies have shown that lithium can have far-reaching benefits for a wider range of diseases and conditions, including depression, aggression and violence, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, and even alcoholism! Lithium as an essential element in the human body has been vastly underrated, but if we could prevent and treat severe mental diseases with a microdose (a very tiny dose) of any element, shouldn’t we know about it? Even though very recent, high quality studies are somewhat lacking due to…