grape seed extract


Grape Seed Extract: Protector of Brain Cells and Cognitive Function

History’s Sexiest Fruit The small but mighty grape has long been a symbol of youth, beauty, wealth, and sex. Would a Rennassaince painting be complete without bunches of grapes draped artfully over a bowl or body part, or pouring from a feast table? The Hebrew Bible constantly references grapes and vineyards in reference to blessings and wealth, and the Greeks and Romans had a major god dedicated to the fruit (Bacchus/Dionysus). They were a luscious, juicy fruit, with thick, bitter skins and tiny hard seeds. Now, fallen from their former glory, the antioxidant-rich skins and seeds have been mostly bred out to make them more palatable to the delicate sensitivities of the general public. You find them not on the feast tables of demi-gods (unless we’re talking about Chris Hemsworth, amirite?), but rotting in the back of the crisper drawer or as a half-assed addition to a fruit platter in…