14 Ways I Beat Anxiety Without Medication

Disclaimer: Mental illness is a serious issue so if you need help, please talk to a professional. This is my personal story that I’m choosing to share in hopes that it encourages someone else on their journey. It was my own decision to tackle anxiety without taking medication, and I am not in any way telling you to do the same thing or passing judgment on those who take medication. If you have a desire to discontinue psychiatric medication, please talk to your healthcare provider about tapering off. I am not a doctor and these are my own opinions–not medical advice. In our overstimulated Western culture, most of us suffer from one form of anxiety or another at least some of the time. We stay up too late watching violent TV shows, we eat food that makes us feel bad, we lack intimate social connections, our jobs are stressful and…

Lithium: Why You’re Crazy Not to Take It

Typically, when someone hears the word “lithium” the image that comes to mind is of either lithium-ion batteries, or severely mentally ill patients on lithium therapy locked up in a psych ward – and not exactly a substance that you would want to intentionally try to get into your body. The positive effects of lithium for those with severe bipolar disorder have long been known in the medical community, but recently, several studies have shown that lithium can have far-reaching benefits for a wider range of diseases and conditions, including depression, aggression and violence, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, and even alcoholism! Lithium as an essential element in the human body has been vastly underrated, but if we could prevent and treat severe mental diseases with a microdose (a very tiny dose) of any element, shouldn’t we know about it? Even though very recent, high quality studies are somewhat lacking due to…