About Sarah

I’ve been obsessed with health and wellness since my freshman year of high school. I was the nerdy one who brought bagged salad to sleepovers and stocked ingredients for green smoothies in the fridge at my coffee shop job.

In May of 2017, I graduated from MTSU with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science with a minor in psychology. I continue my pursuit of health knowledge by reading as many books as I can, listening to podcasts, scouring medical literature, and using myself as a test subject. I have always been down to experiment with crazy new foods and supplements!

My areas of interest include holistic nutrition, women’s health, mental well-being, brain health, herbalism, hormone balance, personal development, and spirituality. Anything in the alternative health world is fascinating to me, yet I try to remain grounded in scientific evidence.

I live in Tennessee with my husband, toddler, and new baby girl. When we’re not spending our spare time working on our fixer-upper of a home, we have a great time hiking, traveling, reading, talking about big ideas and constantly dreaming up our futures together. Some of my personal hobbies are playing the piano, yoga, hosting game nights, exploring cool places and new cities, and cooking good food for great people.

For inquiries or consulting, please check out the Contact Me section of my site. I hope to see you around!